Tuesday, October 21, 2008

P.S What's next?

I had a few days to knit a project for a birthday present. It's the last-minute-Betty act that I play often. I always have good intentions in the beginning but somehow, somewhere, somewhy, things slip through the cracks and I'm scrambling.
When we were out of town for a soccer game, my girls & I went out for lunch and fell upon a yarn store - yeah! Thick yarn, big needles and I was 2/3 the way there!I knew I wanted to knit a scarf and I knew I wanted to knit a checkered pattern. How many to cast-on stumped me and sent me through a few trial & errors until I felt it was right.

I knitted late at night while watching "Brother & Sisters" on the computer...

and while under a shade of an old tree while waiting for my girls.

I never took a great picture of the final product or even while I was knitting the project - time was awasteing!

But I did it - I finished a project! For those of you who know me, yes, I tried it on and, yes, I contemplated keeping it [I know, that's bad] but, instead, I rolled the scarf, tied it with a wide hot pink lace and left it on my co-workers desk.

BTW, she loved the scarf and adored the color - a wonderful green that mimics the color that illuminates from sun-soaked leaves! We appreciated the color for the same reason! In fact, she laid it on her couch and is now wondering about a knitted blanket...hmmm...how many episodes will that take?!

For this one I CO 15 stitches and knitted & purled for 5 stitches and 5 rows. I tried casting on 20 stitches but that was too wide for me. I even tried casting on an even number...so much put into a wee scarf!

When this quick project was completed - when I binded off that last stitch - I was reminded how it feels to have needles in hand and yarn by my side.