Thursday, January 06, 2011

Making time for reading ~ for once

I've been slowly reading this book, not for lack of interest but for my lack of my dedication to reading. But that's going to be a thing of the past. I haven't been denying myself the luxury of new books, like I should be. The piles stacking up along the already stuffed bookshelves prove that. And although I had a book already chosen after I finished this first book in the new year, I went out for more! {But that will soon follow ~ I'm making time for that now!}

"The Sharper the Knife the Less You Cry" was a beautiful way to express what happens when you just do it - when you're done with wondering - when you follow your dreams.

I loved how the author incorporated just a taste of Paris through her daily life in the city and with the delicious recipes after each chapter. While most recipes were just lovely to read through what ingredients are needed and with how they are to be cooked, some I am definitely going to include in my weekly menus {I'm sure my Family will welcome the change!}

I came across this title in a bookswap in goodreads, and now I'm off to do one of my New Year's Resolutions ~ make time for another ol' favorite; mailing a thank you note to the person who sent this book to me!