Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Gift for Reema

I shared this idea with Breana while she was wrapping Reema's Birthday gift. I thought something besides a card should accompany a necklace that she took time to make for her friend. Long ago in another world & time in my life, my friends & I use to send letters - beautifully chosen, thoughtfully written & lovingly sent letters/ you remember those? Ah, I have a bundle from one particular friend tucked away in an antique train case. I dream of savoring each sentence & reminiscing of another time, but not just yet. That time, albiet almost 30 years ago [I said *almost*], still is very clear in my mind. I'm waiting for that day when someone in the house stumbles upon the leather train case and begs me to share them - begs. And that moment, after closing my eyes & squinting as if needing to consider sharing, I will caress the pages once more.

Until then, I told Breana of how my sister, Tisha, & I would come up with clever & fun ideas to send a letter. My favorite was the balloon. You temporarily blow up the balloon, write using a felt-tip pen [ballpoint pens require a harder writing surface which may result to popping the balloon while writing], and thoroughly dry before deflating.

Once deflated your writing then becomes minature and quite dainty. The letters look bubbled and as if were placed on top of the surface. Breana's balloon was more of a card so once deflated was sufficient enough in size to read as is. It was adorable.

If you write a longer letter the balloon will need to blown up in order for it to be read! Consider not sharing anything too private because the round surface is hard to cover while reading. That's shared from experience!

Hmmm, now I can read Breana's balloon-card from here and I'm reminded of something we have left unfinished for Reema...