Monday, January 19, 2009

Postcards from my past

Quite some time ago I pulled my collection of postcards out from a box in my Parents' garage to a basket in my house. The basket was on a bottom shelf so one would have to be looking with intent to find them. The other day I decided to move the lot to a crystal vase and display them on top of a table for all to see and look through. Once I started to cram the postcards into the vase I realized that I needed to down-size.

Out of the 359 postcards {oh my!} these were in my 'discard' pile:

I can only guess that we either stayed at these motels on a family road trip or when accompanying my Dad on business trips.

This one struck me as funny.
From what I saw on other postcards, those are my initials so the postcard is definitely...mine.
I should ask my Parents.

Did I swim in these pools?
Update on Woodland Hills:
I googled this Holiday Inn and it looks exactly the same! When I further examined the postcard a window is circled so we had to have stayed there. Maybe during our trip to Universal Studios? So is this one a keeper? Does it have less value because the memories are lost and gone? Is there a difference between a postcard that was in storage for over 30 years and a postcard that has been discarded into the recycling bin?