Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Poo Poo on Practicality

For my birthday, my friends gave me a gift certificate in the amount of $1 per year of my age. As she hugged me, Marijoy said, "Buy magazines!" - "M Magazine!" Randolf chipped in. I took that as a challenge to be frivolous not practical as us Moms tend to be.
So I went to Borders 3 times in the course of one week. Each visit I concentrated on one section - no, it wasn't the magazine section, although it was near it. It was the "Craft/Sewing" section. I found incredible books. There were books on many ways to cut a t-shirt, books on sewing skirts, books on embroidery patterns, books on how to reconstruct your wardrobe, books on bags ...Most books I could only see myself partaking in a few activities -most books were pure eye-candy - aha, frivolity! But each visit I left empty-handed. I was finding it difficult to be frivolous. At one point I found myself by the 'sale' tables where my eyes seized upon book after book where buying 2 from that table granted me a third! Ah, the possibilties! The savings!
Is this what turning 40 is about?!
I went home to think about some of the books that I pulled off the shelves and debated upon. One evening I decided on 1 possibly 2 craft books - the titles I couldn't think of but the pictures & the projects, oh! - but the very next morning, the 6 shelves were organized and alphabetized so where I remember placing the books were no longer where I could find them :(
Again I walked out empty-handed.
Too much thought was going into this - this was a simple challenge, a mere task, a drop in the bucket - one book...thank goodness I wasn't turning 100!
Then it occurred to me...frivolous not only meant "lacking a serious purpose" it meant "pleasure-loving"...

What timing...
and I still have $$$ left in the gift certificate to purchase August issue magazines! :)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Don't fight the obvious

I insisted on having a purple bathroom. My sister showed me this spray product that allows you to paint tile. With that I was going to transform the accented tile into Kelly Moore Wine Blush. I never got to that point because the process seemed daunting to me (or maybe deep down inside I really liked the color of the tile.) But for years I fought it. All our towels, accessories & flowers were purple. On it's own, the wall was a beautiful shade of Kelly Moore Vellarium Plum.Often I would change the decor of the bathroom whether it be seasonally or on a whim. But as time slowly passed turning days into weeks, I started to see & feel the change of the tide. Blues & greens were starting to seep their way into this purple bathroom. It was plain as day - I could no longer fight it.
There are various degrees of color in the accent tile. Some more deep in color than others. Some suggesting greens while other blue.
I brought in a lot of swatches into the bathroom. I taped them up. I stood them up. One day I would be persuaded towards one shade but then the light will change or I'll see a photo in a magazine or even just cocked my head another direction and I'll change my mind. Dan wanted me to chose a color and go for it...just chose a color...it wasn't that easy. Then one day I went out the door, went into the paint store, took a deep breath, handed the swatch over, grabbed a paint brush and headed back home. To me, the hard part was over.

No one knew what my intentions were for the day. It was 1:00pm - Dan was to be home in 6 hours. In order for this transformation to be a grand surprise, I had to get the entire bathroom done. Unfortunately, of all the sunny & warm summer days, today was the day the morning fog lingered into the afternoon. I knew the paint wasn't going to dry as quickly so I would not be able to put things back on the wall...but I was going to try.

5 hours later I was finished. Initially a bit more minty than planned. I knew it needed a second coat to mute it down a bit - in some areas that only me & my daughters can tell, if you stick your nose up to the wall, blink twice and hold your breath, you can still see the Vallerium Plum. Dan doesn't want us to point out where because, for now, he doesn't see it.

Once I moved things back in the bathroom the walls no longer fought with the tiles. All was harmonious.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

That's what friends are for

One day at my front stoop I found a package. Now I have fantasys of finding a brown paper bag like this full of loot - honestly, I do. I keep my eye out for them on the side of the road. When I spot one I get excited with just the idea! Never mind it being someone's tossed garbage, remnants of their lunch. Go for the thrill - just what if???!
Oh, but this was better - yes, better...

Homemade ollaliberry muffins! I can smell them through their wrappers! I was in heaven! I had been diligently concentrating on a huge project and had worked through lunch and a few snacks...I needed this. My energy level was getting tapped dry. I don't know where I was mustering all my will from.
So sweet! So moist! So Tasty! Incredibly yummy! Almost slobbered all over myself! (Notice no self-portrait?!) For the photo-op I took dainty bites. I tried to be a Lady - oh, how I tried! But I couldn't help myself! Before I knew it not a single crumb was left. Evidence of their existence were gone!

She is such a thoughtful friend - she finds joy in leaving lovely surprises at someone's door. She also read my mind and knew I needed sustenance.
Later that day Dan & I came home to this at our front stoop...must be from one of his friends!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Washing dishes with pretty things

I wanted a "mindless" project - meaning a project I could do while either a passenger in the car or while sitting in a parking lot waiting for the kids...or even while watching tv (there was a week where a lot of good movies were being shown back to back!)
Nancy had given me 3 skeins of 100% cotton Roma yarn for Christmas. You see, I've been talking a lot about knitting dishcloths.

I chose a simple pattern. I fittingly enough co 40 stitches and bo when I felt it was big enough. I wanted it to be the right size. I wanted it small enough so that I could grab it and have it fit in my hand but big enough to wash dinner plates and pots/pans. Once I felt I had that size, it was ready for a test run! Which was easy to do because I can't seem to keep the kitchen counter & sink empty & dry!
It worked just as I hoped and dried faster than I imagined. Even though I have a drawer under my sink for sponges, if I chose to leave it hanging on the faucet it will look like a pretty piece on display. Best of all it's not disposable like sponges.