Thursday, May 10, 2007

Made with love...and laughter

I really wanted to make a special bracelet for my friend. I wanted it to symbolize the 6 years we dedicated to this Violin Program and mark the end of our relationship as Violin Teacher & Piano Accompanist. Days would go by without a single bead out of its case as we got closer & closer to the day I should give it to her. You know how it goes, the creative desire has to be in your blood. The chosing of beads and materials have to come naturally, not forced. I had to get into that space in my head where the creative juices were flowing...
It wasn't until the night before, of course.
Breana's G & A string needed to be changed on her violin. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to changing violin strings; everything needs to be pointing in the same direction, the strings need to be wound so that it's spiraling around the peg not overlapping each other,'s a meticulous task but not only helps the notes ring perfectly but makes the violin look, you got it, pretty.
So I'm changing the strings when it occurs to should make bracelets out of the string! I chose the A string because of the two it's smaller so I thought it would be easier to string beads on. The first bracelet was quick & easy. I let the color of the Dominant A String be part of the bracelet and I went from there - quite simple. For the second bracelet I attempted to use the rest of the A string but hit a few snags of unraveling string which didn't leave me enough to for a second bracelet. So I frantically started looking for the other string.
"Breana! Where's the G string? I can't find the G string!" is what Dan walked into.
His look was priceless. I didn't know he could raise his eyebrow!
"In your dresser drawer?" he cautiously but facetiously answered. :)
The second bracelet made with the VIOLIN G string (mind you) was made using letters simulating old typewriter keys from Michael's to spell out "Violin". It fit so nicely I was tempted to keep it! It's that same old thing with me - I wanna keep everything I make.

When I gave the bracelets to Lisa I shared the "G String" story with her. We had a grand laugh. Funny, we never ever thought of that string in that way and never will I ever ever be able to go to the music store and say "I'd like to buy a G string, please" without a little smirk! ;)

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