Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nubbles - ultra blues

Kaitlin & Breana have not been feeling well lately :( with their fevers & sore throats they have been laying around staring at the tv. After a whole entire day of that, I declared a new rule: if you must watch tv (gosh, what else are they suppose to do in between their naps while bed-ridden?!) you must be working on a project. Kaitlin went through my baskets of yarn - found this blue/purple/green 'nubbles' - and got to work.
Her first attempt she co 12 stitches and came up with a short scarf (which have been my favorite lately). She called me while I was buying soup at the grocery store to ask if I could run to the yarn store to buy another skein. I had to think about that one - that would entail driving across town, getting tangled into crawling traffic with the possibilty of that color of 'nubbles' to be out of stock. So I suggested she start over, co 6 stitches and see what happens. I offered that if the result is still not what she was hoping for then we'd call the store and I would head out there for her.
It turned out the exact length that she wanted!


Nancy said...

Kailtin, it's beautiful. I would love to see it on you sometime. Hope you and Miss Breana are feeling better.

Rufina said...

Keep up the good work.