Saturday, August 18, 2007

More summer days

Watercolour has always been a favorite past-time for Kaitlin & Breana. However, due to their obligations during the school year, free time is few & far between. This summer it was absolutely important for us to slow it down and retreat back to these other interests. I wanted this summer to be about us, the family - about being still and enjoying each moment - savoring & giving thanks. The school year is full of fleeting moments - beautiful, alive & full moments - but fleeting.

Our game table in our front room with its wonderful natural light makes a perfect spot for painting. I believe watching "Miss Potter" encouraged Breana to bring her box of painting tools & art supplies in from the studio.
(Yes, yes, yes, the studio would have been the best spot for a project like this - stay tuned - I may surprise you {and Dan} just yet!)
Day in & day out this is where they sat making the most of the glorious light coming in through the lace curtains. There were a couple of trips to our locally owned art store with paint under their nails to enhance their supplies. And, yes, there were trips outside to feel the sun on our cheeks. And, no, the watercolours never made their way outside. But now a trip to the frame store is a must!


Nancy said...

I can't wait to see the fine art work framed. And I can't wait to see the studio soon either. love you guys!

grace said...

gorgeous. i love the tree that she's working on in the top photo.