Monday, February 12, 2007

What have I been up to?!

Now that my family blog is launched and has found its rhythmn, I need to pick this blog back up and start documenting my crafts.
I don't have pictures of the Christmas knitting I did - neck warmers, wrist warmers, bags, hats, scarves...but boy did I knit like crazy! I started in the summer. I was determined to get to the bottom of my knitting basket (well, at least one of them!) by the new year.
My girls & I also made a lot of book markers with wire & beads...again completely determined to use all my beads and ribbons and wires and baubles and charms, etc...
From here on out, I will make a point to take pictures of the creations that my girls & I create.

These were made in 1 night each and sold in a Classroom fundaiser. My first hat - I'm hooked! Wished I looked good in hats, girls do, but how many hats does one need?


Shari said...

Lovely knits M. I look forward to seeing all your creative endeavors!

pinkmoon said...

I'm in awe. Beautiful knits M. Makes me want to slap my mama. Hee-Hee. It's the margarita talking.