Tuesday, February 27, 2007

too sweet for words

My friend, Christie, was generous with her MunkiMunki fabric that her sister designed. I have a stash of great prints. I even have a box of MunkiMunki dresses & jackets that my daughters have outgrown that I cannot give away! So what happens when I get new fabric?
Yes, it first becomes a tablecloth so that I can touch it & oogle it! It wasn't big enough for our dining table but perfect for the buffet.
Because we have a Vanagon we've thought of making 2 pillow cases for camping. I might just be so uncreative as cut it into 2 pieces and use the fabric as 2 tablecloths for dining while camping.
Would look too cute, huh?!

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pinkmoon said...

Finally, wanted to leave a comment since yesterday but system was slow. Anyways, "M" so perfect for you! I love it! And I enjoy the fact that you seem to be having fun with it.