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The phases (this one & that one) all blurred together with the final product being a huge success on stage.
I had a vision, collaborated with each student, came up with individual lists of what each student needed to hunt down and bring in to bring their idea to life, had to frequent thrift stores to find pieces and worked alongside creative & imaginative parents. There were a lot of trips to Beverly Fabrics, a lot of loose thread about the house, a lot of consulting with the students, a lot of laughs, a lot of gasps & shreaks of glee and did I menton, a lot of laughs?!!!!

When I sat down with the two Step-Sisters we were so giddy because we shared the same vision! The problems were they didn't know where to start and I didn't have the sewing talent to bring the vision to life. For me the easy part was starting them off. For the two Step-Sisters, I found 5-6 dresses at a fun thrift store for under $50! (Sorry, can't reveal, it's a secret!) I divided the dresses up, we modified their costume sketches & consulted my costume binder of ideas and I sent them on their way. Luck have it, both girls' mothers are brilliant seamstresses! Another Mom sewed the Mice & Horse costumes. Laura coordinated the "boy" mice costumes with the "girl" mice costumes, much like in the Disney version - real fun and added an authenticity to the Fairy Tale we grew up with. (When I saw Laura's costumes it brought my favorite "Cinderella" line to mind, "Breakfast! Breakfast! Everybody up! Hurry! Hurry!" Don't know, just is.)

Brunhilda & the Prince (I just absolutely lovelovelove Yasi's petticoat!)Another Mom in the class helped me embellish costumes. For the Majordomos, we took wool vests and turned them inside out to reveal the silk lining. Sharon added sequins & tassels.

I decked the Royal Family out in royal blue & gold. Agustin was such a distinguished King and Michaela a regal Queen (her Mom sewed her dress - just divine!) I hand-sewed sequins individually over gold trim & blue ribbon on Grant's (Prince) own quality jacket & slacks. Lightly sewed in order to bring the suit back to its normal state when the play was all said & done...I have a feeling Grant will leave his suit as is! :) I'm touched, blushing in fact.
Just can't get enough of the Royals!
(Yes, that's had to have been there to fully appreciate!)
We went through tons of skirts & aprons and had conversation upon conversation over her not using her tshirt as part of the costume. Her mother had found this skirt that she had sewn years ago - perfect and Brigette & I picked the apron from a stack I found...and the tshirt? I spent a lot of time thinking about that tshirt and a lot of time 'debating' its usage on stage. I didn't want anything modern-day on stage but it finally dawned on me that it's solid color & simple line was so plain & 'drab' it fit Cinderella's simpleness...forget the fact that Brigette was soooo insistent :) She was right, it worked on stage beautifully - plainly beautiful!

Doing costumes for school plays is my ultimate favorite. I get to dip into each student's creative side, I get to spend time with each student on a one-to-one basis and thus get to know them quite well and everyday I am constantly approached by hoardes of students who are sooo excited about their costumes - they want to talk about the progress, they want to see the transformaton of the pieces and they want to try them on- oh boy do they! Could possibly be the last school play I coordinate the costumes for. (IF I have one more to put under my belt, I hope Sharon is at my side again!)

This experience was truly a memorable one.


photos taken during their last dress rehearsal

(will include pics of my costume binder)

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