Monday, March 05, 2007

phase 2 of costumes

The more I work on these costumes the more I'm irritated that I didn't clean out my studio last year. "Something always gets in the way" - well, I always let things get in the way...something always becomes more important. I used the dining table, the ironing board AND the the side-buffet table this weekend as my work space for a few costumes. I started by laying out pieces for the King, Queen & Prince as well as the pieces for my own daughters. I needed to priorities my plan of attack by those that can be done quicker - it was friday, which is a short day for the girls and a long violin/piano day for me.
Breana's Fairy costume looks simple, seems easy - yet I get intimidated by cutting fabric, therefore, get easily frightened by the whole procedure. We all know, no cuttey the fabric, no doey the project!

So I decided to start with the Royal Sashes. I found this gorgeous royal blue & gold brocade fabric the week before. I divided the fabric into threes, took a deep breath, grabbed a hold of the scissors and made the first snip. Am I the only one who gets nervous of cutting fabric? Once started, though, the rest started to flow naturally. I pleated the fabric and started sewing sequins - this is in my blood. My late-Grandmother Q made gorgeous wedding gowns that she hand beaded herself - they weighed a 'ton' and were breathtaking.

Thank goodness it's a stage performance so I'm able to baste the fabric and sew the sequins without worrying about details like the color of the thread. Sewing moved faster due to that.

By the end of the weekend, I had 2 1/2 sashes complete with their royal sparkly glory!
2 1/2 down, dare I look at my list?

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