Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Epitome of 'blissful treats'

A friend, Elena, is always so thoughtful, especially during Easter. We love our knitted Easter bunnies! Elena took the time to knit bunnies and give them out to numerous people - in the meantime she was renovating one home, packing up another and taking care of her two children, 2 goats and 2 dogs while letting our Violin program consume her life & property one day a week. She is kind, giving & sweet!

She also spoiled me with these delectable petits fours! I brought them camping with us - well, I didn't know they were so beautiful and delicious! I selflessly shared them amongst the 7 of us while secretly & deeply wishing that I had left them home for my own private consumption. How could I have known that they would be so adorable and so soft & moist!
But it's good to share, right?
I did the right thing, no?

Blissful treats - yes!

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