Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yarn & Friendship

A few years back a handful of friends & I gathered once a week in the morning at each other's homes. The kids were at school, the husbands at work and the homes empty. We'd knit, chat & eat wonderful morning treats. However, we discovered that one can only knit scarves at such a gathering. Working with a pattern was too involved and caused you to either mess up the pattern because you were trying to follow & contribute to a conversation or resulted in you shutting yourself off from everyone so that you can concentrate. In other words, a lot of scarves were made that year!
Sometimes I miss the gatherings - the chats around beautiful baskets filled with colorful skeins - the clanking of the needles beneath the chatter - the yummy treats straight out of the oven - the wonderful women to share a morning with.
It was a morning where nothing was more important than the needles in your hands and the friends sitting by your side. A morning where the dishes stayed stacked in the sink, the dust settled and the beds remained unmade.
Good times...

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