Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hurry - the suns out!

Blue/green day because the sun was out and when the sun is out I start to think about the ocean, smell the seaweed, hear the crashing waves and squint because of the powerfully bright sun!
And I move far away from black days...

when it's too cold, too windy & too wet to hang laundry outside.

There's something theraputic about hanging laundry outside - the whole ordeal of starting early in the morning so the clothes won't get scorched, the walking the basket of wet laundry outside, the meticulous hanging of the items, the seeing the clothes billow in the breeze from the corner of my eyes, the taking down of the laundry just as it becomes dry and soft not dried to a crisp and the folding of the laundry that smells like the sun.

Requires patience
Soaks up the sun's goodness

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