Thursday, May 03, 2007

Meandering about

I spent yesterday meandering about by myself. I drove over-the-hill with Dan, dropped him off at work and set out with my yahoo maps directions to various places. I went to the big stores first; Bed, Bath & Beyond and the Container Store to pick up the little necessities. I found myself putting things in my cart to turn around 15 mins later to return them. "Necessity or Impulse" I'd ask myself. Yes, it's nice to have another frame holder for books & pictures but a towel rack & shelf for our outdoor solar shower is what's needed. As much as these stores are fun to visit from time to time, they give me a headache. I was in need of a different speed. So off to a thrift store!
Last few times (years ago mind you) my friend & I would stay for a long time and walk out with glorious finds. This time? Where was my friend?! There was huge potential for breaking out in hysterics, slapstick one-liners and raised eyebrows! Since I couldn't do that all alone without being seen as being mental and escorted out, I left empty-handed and quite squashed.
For a pick-me-up I headed over to Commknitty (their website doesn't do them justice, but peek anyway). It was like coming home to those that understand your 'needling way'. It's tranquil, clean (sigh, my poor house) & welcoming. It's open & spacious yet filled with beautiful skeins in tantalizing colors & textures. As I proceed to walk to the end of the store I was stopped by the sight of all the books - and I was invited to sit at the table or lounge on the couches - to read or knit! Oh my! Even though I was a good girl and didn't purchase a thing, I walked away rejuvenated and motivated.
"Down the street is a used book store that you have to go to!" my dear friend says...ok, twist my arm. Ohmigoodness! Stacks & stacks of piles & piles of books 2 rows deep on each shelf in a small store. I walked down each aisle running my fingers on the books stopping occassionally to pick one up and flip through the pages and smile at the prices! Oh my! I did walk around with a few books with the intentions of taking them home, but I changed my mind. Like the yarn store, I stuck to my guns that I have manymany unread books at home. This place was saved in my memory archives (another, 'oh my') for that one day when the yarn supply is down and the words of all those unread books have been savored.
After a few more big stores that I don't have in my beach town, I finally went to the whole reason why I came over-the-hill - to accompany 5 violin students (post & pics to come after this weekend!)
A late dinner with Dan, picked up the girls at my parents' and 'home again, home again, jiggidy-jig'.

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Shari said...

I'm guessing you visited Recycle! I love that bookstore and the resident cat that is as big as a house. I usually trade books there which pretty much defeats the purpose of my book purging! I'm glad you had a lovely day over the hill.