Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mother-Daughter time ~ Chicklets

The chicklets gathered on a Sunday afternoon.
It was one of those situations where you're running here & there trying to squeeze everything in but then so glad that you did. It was the calm after the storm. Breana & I zoomed up to the mountains amidst the redwood trees to make time for the Chicklets.Our first project was to make Mother-Daughter flip flops. Breana chose an orange sequin ribbon. I've never had such fancy flip-flops before! (I've also never had tacky glue work so well before!)
For the next project, the girls decorated white t-shirts. Breana drew little black flip-flops on the bottom corner of her t-shirt decorated with the remnants of the orange sequins to resemble her flip-flops. Such concentration was around the table sprinkled with chitter-chatter from the Moms.

Decorating the aprons for us Moms really stumped me. No one skipped a beat while I couldn't think of how I wanted to decorate mine! I couldn't even narrow down what color(s) I'd like to use! I watched each Mom pick their fabric paint colors. I saw swirls & dots. I watched flowers being made with each Chicklet's name on each petal. I saw chicks drawn with various colors - cute, huh? Chicks for the Chicklets! So sweet! But me? Well, I opted to turn my brain off, enjoy the chatter, smile at the creativeness around me and be grateful for moments like this.

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Karen said...

What great fun!