Saturday, June 02, 2007

Breana's Work In Progress

Breana started off by cutting 9 3x3 squares out of fabric she picked out at Hart's Fabrics.
While my sewing machines are out of commission (from broken needles to tension problems) she is sewing this one by hand. After sewing 6 squares she had to put this project aside to tend to other activites (i.e book reports, Year-long Community Service Write-up, soccer try-outs...yeah know, 5th grade stuff!)


Sarah and Jack said...

Her color choices are amazing! And how awesome to see her doing it by hand.

Nancy said...

Wow Breana, so amazed by you. I can't wait to see the finish work.

Karen said...

Good for Breana! This is great work, and I hope she finds time to get back to it soon.