Sunday, May 13, 2007

Music to my ears

The Piano Technician came back with the 8 keys that he took to his workshop. My girls had managed to compose songs around those 8 missing keys and asked if the piano could remain open. I agree it was fun watching the reaction of each mechanism as you struck a key, however, the piano looked so unnaturally exposed!

I worked in the opposite side of the house getting ready for our weekend to Yosemite as the Piano Technician worked his magic. I remember the many times our piano was being tuned as a child. The 'bong', 'bongs' of each key until the pitch was in tune until all 88 keys were manipulated and set to satifaction were a familiar sound. My fondest memory was watching a seeing impaired technician tune our piano. His hands moved about the piano with such ease & grace. My sisters & I would watch him in complete awe of his ability to conduct such a task.

This time I gave the piano tuner space. I would stop to watch the tuning process occassionally for I still marvel at the complexitiy of it all and his swiftness of handling such an instrument. However, this time, I could just as easily appreciate his job from afar - my task at hand was to get us packed for camping!

Once the piano was in tune, he tested his job by playing the piano.

I watched & listened off in the corner. For one split second I considered grabbing the video camera but just as quickly, changed my mind. I chalked this one up as a private concert for one. I was so emotionally taken by his graceful playing, by the way the notes lingered in the air and by the way the music flowed from song back to testing certain keys for their correct pitch. I felt so blessed to have front row seats to such a performance.

A total of 3 hours later, the job was done.

Bravo! Bravo!


Nancy said...

"M" Love your new header. You are so poetic in your writing, I do enjoy reading your blog. Bravo for you!


Karen said...

Our piano tuner, Les, is blind. He comes every six months, his guide dog with him, and he keeps our piano in good order. He's been tuning it (and its predecessor) for many years, so allowing us to make music - whether fluently or more haltingly!