Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shoes, shoes, beautiful shoes!

I love my new shoes - my beautiful Mary Jane crocs!
I fell upon them in Yosemite.
What started off as innocently 'window shopping' turned out to be me giggling over this cute style of crocs!
I tried on the light green and the brown crocs as well!
I asked for my families opinion...
Play it safe with brown?
Me who always gravitates towards black shoes.
Or have fun with color?
Have fun?
Which color?
Oh my, choices!
I am overly thrilled - beyond thrilled - over my new Mary Jane crocs.
Happy Mother's Day! Yeah!


Nancy said...

I love your crocs too! By the way, did they have them in orange?

Sarah and Jack said...

I have those in pink and that same aqua. I used to think they were horrible, but the mary janes are pretty cute.