Thursday, June 28, 2007

Scarf me!

A lot of time has been spent laying on the couch which means a lot of knitting has been happening.

I love Kaitlin's stitch-saver, a piece of yarn from the project I finished for Cynthia. That marked her half-way mark. She wanted this scarf to have a lot of length.
Once they get healthy and are out & about (they have missed a week of tennis clinic and soccer training starts next week), projects like this will just be a figment of our imagination - a glimpse of the past - a distant memory.
I'm sure we used up all our creative juices in these past few days to last us the entire summer!


Karen said...

Hope they're feeling better, anyway!

Shari said...

Being ill during summer seems so wrong! I hope you all recover quickly and I hope there is a Happy Birthday in there somewhere!