Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Washing dishes with pretty things

I wanted a "mindless" project - meaning a project I could do while either a passenger in the car or while sitting in a parking lot waiting for the kids...or even while watching tv (there was a week where a lot of good movies were being shown back to back!)
Nancy had given me 3 skeins of 100% cotton Roma yarn for Christmas. You see, I've been talking a lot about knitting dishcloths.

I chose a simple pattern. I fittingly enough co 40 stitches and bo when I felt it was big enough. I wanted it to be the right size. I wanted it small enough so that I could grab it and have it fit in my hand but big enough to wash dinner plates and pots/pans. Once I felt I had that size, it was ready for a test run! Which was easy to do because I can't seem to keep the kitchen counter & sink empty & dry!
It worked just as I hoped and dried faster than I imagined. Even though I have a drawer under my sink for sponges, if I chose to leave it hanging on the faucet it will look like a pretty piece on display. Best of all it's not disposable like sponges.

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