Sunday, June 10, 2007

"Student Award" Projects

One of the last projects Kaitlin & Breana had in school was to make an award for a fellow student. After they randomly chose names the assignment was to create an award describing what is special and unique about the person. They were to include something specific about the person's personality, talents & hobbies as well as include a specific memory from the school year, etc. This project was treated like every assignment given in school; with thought, planning & deep concentration. Kaitlin & Breana were to present an award to students they both have known since kindergarten, Charlie & Jacki, respectively. I brought out a huge box of pictures from the depths of my studio that took us way back at least 12 years. The next step was to jot down a few things the girls felt were special about Charlie & Jacki. Armed with that list, we went to the scrapbooking section of the local craft store where we took an hour going through stickers & craft decorations that helped represent each student. We had to streamline a bit before we went up to the register, it's amazing how much you can spend on a handful of stickers!
With poster boards, stickers, craft paper, pictures, their own scissors & glue-tape, they each went to their own corners of the house and spread their goods out. Once everything was laid out on their boards, the air was clear of chatter and replaced by scissors snipping and glue-tape being snapped into place.
This project involved reflecting on good times and concentrating on what we appreciate in each other. They each took 7 years of their lives spent with these kids, sharing, learning & growing together and laid it out on one board - moments of time frozen.

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Nancy said...

What a wonderful idea to do. They turned out great! Good job!