Thursday, July 26, 2007

That's what friends are for

One day at my front stoop I found a package. Now I have fantasys of finding a brown paper bag like this full of loot - honestly, I do. I keep my eye out for them on the side of the road. When I spot one I get excited with just the idea! Never mind it being someone's tossed garbage, remnants of their lunch. Go for the thrill - just what if???!
Oh, but this was better - yes, better...

Homemade ollaliberry muffins! I can smell them through their wrappers! I was in heaven! I had been diligently concentrating on a huge project and had worked through lunch and a few snacks...I needed this. My energy level was getting tapped dry. I don't know where I was mustering all my will from.
So sweet! So moist! So Tasty! Incredibly yummy! Almost slobbered all over myself! (Notice no self-portrait?!) For the photo-op I took dainty bites. I tried to be a Lady - oh, how I tried! But I couldn't help myself! Before I knew it not a single crumb was left. Evidence of their existence were gone!

She is such a thoughtful friend - she finds joy in leaving lovely surprises at someone's door. She also read my mind and knew I needed sustenance.
Later that day Dan & I came home to this at our front stoop...must be from one of his friends!

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Thank you Karen!