Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Poo Poo on Practicality

For my birthday, my friends gave me a gift certificate in the amount of $1 per year of my age. As she hugged me, Marijoy said, "Buy magazines!" - "M Magazine!" Randolf chipped in. I took that as a challenge to be frivolous not practical as us Moms tend to be.
So I went to Borders 3 times in the course of one week. Each visit I concentrated on one section - no, it wasn't the magazine section, although it was near it. It was the "Craft/Sewing" section. I found incredible books. There were books on many ways to cut a t-shirt, books on sewing skirts, books on embroidery patterns, books on how to reconstruct your wardrobe, books on bags ...Most books I could only see myself partaking in a few activities -most books were pure eye-candy - aha, frivolity! But each visit I left empty-handed. I was finding it difficult to be frivolous. At one point I found myself by the 'sale' tables where my eyes seized upon book after book where buying 2 from that table granted me a third! Ah, the possibilties! The savings!
Is this what turning 40 is about?!
I went home to think about some of the books that I pulled off the shelves and debated upon. One evening I decided on 1 possibly 2 craft books - the titles I couldn't think of but the pictures & the projects, oh! - but the very next morning, the 6 shelves were organized and alphabetized so where I remember placing the books were no longer where I could find them :(
Again I walked out empty-handed.
Too much thought was going into this - this was a simple challenge, a mere task, a drop in the bucket - one book...thank goodness I wasn't turning 100!
Then it occurred to me...frivolous not only meant "lacking a serious purpose" it meant "pleasure-loving"...

What timing...
and I still have $$$ left in the gift certificate to purchase August issue magazines! :)


Karen said...

How difficult it is to be frivolous! Always being sensible, practical, down-to-earth is a hard habit to break, but I'm glad you got something good!

Karen said...

PS Forgot to say "Happy Birthday"!

Shari said...

And this book is definitely pleasurable (thank-you-JK-Rowling)! Enjoy!