Saturday, July 28, 2007

Don't fight the obvious

I insisted on having a purple bathroom. My sister showed me this spray product that allows you to paint tile. With that I was going to transform the accented tile into Kelly Moore Wine Blush. I never got to that point because the process seemed daunting to me (or maybe deep down inside I really liked the color of the tile.) But for years I fought it. All our towels, accessories & flowers were purple. On it's own, the wall was a beautiful shade of Kelly Moore Vellarium Plum.Often I would change the decor of the bathroom whether it be seasonally or on a whim. But as time slowly passed turning days into weeks, I started to see & feel the change of the tide. Blues & greens were starting to seep their way into this purple bathroom. It was plain as day - I could no longer fight it.
There are various degrees of color in the accent tile. Some more deep in color than others. Some suggesting greens while other blue.
I brought in a lot of swatches into the bathroom. I taped them up. I stood them up. One day I would be persuaded towards one shade but then the light will change or I'll see a photo in a magazine or even just cocked my head another direction and I'll change my mind. Dan wanted me to chose a color and go for it...just chose a wasn't that easy. Then one day I went out the door, went into the paint store, took a deep breath, handed the swatch over, grabbed a paint brush and headed back home. To me, the hard part was over.

No one knew what my intentions were for the day. It was 1:00pm - Dan was to be home in 6 hours. In order for this transformation to be a grand surprise, I had to get the entire bathroom done. Unfortunately, of all the sunny & warm summer days, today was the day the morning fog lingered into the afternoon. I knew the paint wasn't going to dry as quickly so I would not be able to put things back on the wall...but I was going to try.

5 hours later I was finished. Initially a bit more minty than planned. I knew it needed a second coat to mute it down a bit - in some areas that only me & my daughters can tell, if you stick your nose up to the wall, blink twice and hold your breath, you can still see the Vallerium Plum. Dan doesn't want us to point out where because, for now, he doesn't see it.

Once I moved things back in the bathroom the walls no longer fought with the tiles. All was harmonious.


Nancy said...

Great job "M". Can't wait to see it in person.

Karen said...

I love the new colour!