Thursday, September 27, 2007

MacGyver at work

Embarrasingly enough, months ago (dare I saw how many?) I gathered my scraps of yarn that I had a fondness for and started knitting a scarf for myself - a simple knitted scarf - nothing fancy.
I c/o 212 stitches on dpn. I was going to make it so I could wrap it around my neck twice without unneccessary length to it. I just wanted a little 'somethin-somethin' for color on a cold day.
Once summer hit I set aside the project because I just couldn't fathom wrapping my neck while I was wearing tank tops & sundresses! Toward the end of summer soccer filled our weekends up and the time came for me to look for simple knitting projects. Easy, I have a basket full of unfinished projects. Better yet, I had 2-3 projects that didn't require a pattern (i.e no thinking involved).
When I finally bo - feeling quite grandiose for finally finishing a project - a cold front blew in. I grabbed the scarf, threw it around my neck, stood back to admire it in the mirror and that's when I saw it......a dropped stitch.
No matter how I wrapped it, the dropped stitch was front & center. Time was running out, I needed to pick up my girls from school - and I wanted to wear the scarf!
I rustled through my jewelry box trying to be the MacGyver my friend use to call me...

Voila! Problem solved. I was given this barrette for attending a jewelry party 4 years ago and hadn't used it once. It paid off for me to keep it all those years! It clipped on perfectly, holding the dropped stitch in place - and no matter how I wrapped it, there it was!

Again years ago (a reoccuring theme) I was given a pattern for a tank top that I was admiring at a local yarn store. From time to time I'll look over the pattern and consider starting it. I'd immediately get intimidated and pull out another project. This time I did it! I chose yarn from my slowly depleting basket and started...

I've jotted down a Christmas list so maybe this is for someone on that list...or never know!

Some evenings I find myself in a midst of clutter but I'll chose this project instead. I'll plop my pattern down and kick a few piles under the table and knit away. Once I got to one of the straps I took the project to a soccer game and knit/purled away. I am determined to finish this project!

Maybe 2007 will be the year I finish projects - just maybe!


Nancy said...

You rock! The pin also accents the scarf nicely. I can' wait to see it in person. Also, good luck with the knit venture, you go girl!

grace said...

The scarf is just beautiful!

Macoco said...

Thank you for stopping by my site! Your scarf is beautiful and the barrette is such a smart way to take care of that dropped stitch!