Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Enjoying a flick or two

I watched the movie, "I Capture the Castle", while I was making pork loin with garlic & sage, baked cauliflower w/ lemon garlic sauce and creamy mash potatoes for dinner. Dan & the girls were at soccer practice which means they'll come home famished. During soccer season, monday is a guaranteed weekday day that the 4 of us share dinner together. It's the day that the family comes home and dinner is at the table. If timed just right, they come home to a warm dinner, we eat together as a family then they jump into the shower. We've tried having dinner after their showers but they can't make it - too hungry!
I enjoyed this movie - the scenery, the clothes, the eccentric characters and the humor. I probably should borrow it from the library again and watch while sitting down to fully appreciate the expressions on the actors faces while delivering their lines! And of course to re-examine the set, which I often do with movies. I watch it once to 'watch' the movie and second time to enjoy the set & scenery behind the actors - and third & fourth, etc...if it's a thoroughly enjoyable movie (like "One Fine Day" and "Spanglish".)

"The Regency House Party" was another movie I enjoyed this summer. Much like the premise of The 1900 House, Frontier House & Colonial House, this involved modern-day adults living in the Regency Era for 9 weeks.

I have a thing for reality tv - no violence, no over-the-top physical or mental harm - and, for the most part intelligent & insightful recounts of the participants experiences.

Again I was mesmerized by the decor of the manor, life in England during the Romance Period and, of course, the costumes...which reminds me of Tim Gunn and his comment about "the slobification of America"...ah, so true.
Enjoyed the experiences and the details of this movie w/ the girls.

Gotta love PBS and the library!


Nancy said...

Your blogs are making me hungry. What, you were talking about a movie? I'm still stuck on what you had for dinner.

Karen said...

I haven't seen the film (nor even read the book!!) but I'd like to, and your family dinner sounds just perfect.

Mary Beth said...

I love Spanglish too.

grace said...

That dinner sounds fabulous!

Thanks for the movie recommendations. Someone else recommended the REgency House one to me ... I think it'd be right up my alley. (I loved Frontier House.)

I've rented "I Capture the Castle" twice and never got to watching it! I should try again!