Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Talking with My Mouth Full"

This book accompanied me to the beach - it kept me laughing, intrigued...and salivating!
Recipies galore preceeded by memories of Bonny Wolf's childhood, stories of and heard at her dinner parties where the particular recipies were first discovered or helped make a moment memorable.

Recipies like Chocolate Pistachio Cake, Grand Aioli to Roast Pork with prunes & port.

"I was back in Minneapolis for the funeral of my friend Kate's Mother. After her death, Kate went through her mother's heavy locked jewelry box. In the top tray were the pearls and dinner rings she rarely wore. Beneath was a locked drawer where Kate assumed her mom kept her most important possessions. She unlocked the drawer, pulled out the tray, and found her mother's handwritten recipe for Huckleberry Dessert. That meant more to Kate than jewels."

Lucky book spent it's summer at the beach transported by this snazzy birthday bag - thanks to a wonderful friend, Sharon.

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Nancy said...

Oh it sounded like a wonderful time...wish I was there with you.