Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Knitting projects to consider

I get so silly excited when I find a project I want to knit...but, you know me, will I finish it? Eeep, with all the unfinished projects I have laying around?!! Do I dare even think of starting a project?

But look at this sweater!
I think I've had dreams about wearing a sweater like this!
I even took snap shots of the pattern!

Gasp! There's another one!
I'm going insane here!

I have to gain composure! I have to priorities! I have to be realistic!

I need to finish the 2 baby sweaters and the 2, no - 3, knitted bags first, right?!

1 comment:

a friend to knit with said...

oh. i am so practical.
i say finish what you have first.
but hurry! so you can start one of those. :)