Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I have just finished Stephenie Meyer's 3rd book, "Eclipse". As soon as I completed the Epilogue I walked toward Kaitlin & Breana's bookshelf to grab the 4th book, "Breaking Dawn" completely convinced that the first 3 books could have been condensed to one nicely impact book - same amount of pages - but just one...not three...one.

Now that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the books. I did get lost in some of the writing and appreciated the content, too...but the neediness and lack of life outside of one's boyfriend was a bore to me - although I know, I know, their relationship was what the book pivoted around. It was frightening, too. I would not want any of the young Ladies in my life to live their lives like a lost puppy who needed to be rescued and then never left alone for fear - even if it were just a few hours or even just for the evening - to be abandoned [oh dear!] But because I was told by my 14 old niece and 13 yr old daughter that I must not skip any parts - no matter what - I read through pages of goo-gooing & gaa-gaaing from cover to cover. It was melodramaticness at its best!
It was a perfect catalyst to talk to my girls about unnecessary "wanting" and "needing" and the strong desire to be self-reliant and being self-confidant.

I do appreciate many facets of the books. One in particular is Edward. I especially appreciate his cavalier and gentlemanly attributes - that is most appealing to me.
I started "Breaking Dawn" in the evening but left it at the dining table for the morning. I'm actually curious about that book so intend on finishing right away. Kaitlin tells me it's the best of the four.
So there, "Breaking Dawn" comes highly recommended!

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