Monday, September 22, 2008

Stepping forward

It's embarassing how I haven't kept up with this blog. Embarrassing because I've created holes in this Journal due to partial neglect and partial lack of creativity. I have started many projects but somehow get side-tracked and have ended up with baskets upon baskets upon bags of unfinished projects - needles still attached...and I often wonder where all my needles have gone!

My creative space is still stocked high with stuff and still can only be called nothing more than a storage space - wasted space, it is such a shame.

I'm trying to motivate myself to start 2009 with finished projects and a true art studio. How wonderful that would be!

I challenge myself to pull it together. Enough wishing - enough talking about it - enough, enough, enough!

Once I've accomplish that, I can reap the rewards, right?


Shari said...

Sometimes "life interferes". I look forward to the future bliss that you will share with us all.

Nancy Dag2 said...

Welcome back! You've been well missed.