Thursday, March 01, 2007

creative minds

In our front room there is a "game table" used for games & puzzles. These games or puzzles can be left there undisturbed until a new game is brought out or the puzzle is completed. Being separate from our dining table it allows play & leisure time to occur when one has time on their hands or when one is passing by. I often switch the games out while the girls are at school and when they're home I find them tinkering around the table exploring the possibilites on their own. A few weeks ago it was 'Scrabble', last week it was 'Backgammon', this week it's 'Boggle' - next week? Hmmm, it's between 'Trivial Pursuit - the 20th Anniversary Edition' or 'Dominos''ll have to visit to see which!

Because my studio is in disarry (ugh), my girls & I must bring the creative necessities into the house and use that table in the front room.

'Boggle' was put aside and bowls of buttons were set out.
When she had a moment to spare, Breana made herself a necklace.

We dubbed this the 'MunkiMunki' necklace. My friend, Christie, let me gobble up handfuls of buttons she & her sister used for their 'MunkiMunki' kid's clothing line. (If Breana could still fit into those 'MunkiMunki' dresses & jackets, she'd match perfectly!)

The buttons have since been moved back to the studio and 'Boggle' resumed its place. This morning I found Kaitlin stopping to find some words while she was enroute to feed Tiger. She might have been distracted for a little bit, but I don't mind. I like this little table that we have to walk by to get from one end of the house to the other. If you stop and linger over it for awhile that's fine - it's the spot where you're reminded to take a deep breath & enjoy.

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pinkmoon said...

Oh Miss Breanna, how beautiful your necklace is. ok, where's mine?