Tuesday, June 19, 2007

a completed piece - continued

This dress was handed down by Kylie. It's the first dress that I've cut in to. It was easier than I thought - I took a deep breath, opened up the scissors and made the first cut. After that first snip the rest of the fabric didn't have a chance!
More salvaging:
Someone tried to hand a pair of cotton/linen pants down to me. The pants never fit me but I kept it for it's fabric. A few years ago I did cut one leg up to use for lavender/rose geranium satchets for Christmas gifts. For this bag, my sister, Tisha, suggested I line it. I considered using the fabric that I started out with but changed my mind, I didn't want it to be that busy. This time I chuckled when I cut a piece out. Do you see it?

Here's a closer look: Yes, a pocket for my cellphone, lipstick & keys - no digging around in this bag!
I even added a gusset to give the bag more shape.
The finished product - finally a finished piece!

This bag took me a total of 3 1/2 days. Time-wise it only took me 4-5 hours.

A perfect summer bag!


Nancy said...

"M' I am in awe, it's beautiful! I can't believe that you did it all by hand. Very impressive. Your sooo talented. So, when are you going to be done with mine? Hee-hee.

Karen said...

This is great! It encapsulates a sense of achievement along with the memories the various fabrics bring with them. Have fun with it!