Monday, December 17, 2007

Constantly creating...

Years ago I made the sock advent garland inspired by Martha Stewart's garland in 2003. In the beginning I took my time finding socks which I would store in a box. I wanted the socks to be unique, kitschy, vintage & fun - but the project was taking too long! Along with the socks, finding 25 zany, significant and sweet ornaments was becoming a headache in disguise! I wanted each day to have an ornament that was special to my girls & to our family - an ornament that represented us as individuals and as a family - an ornament that would bring back memories. Trying to keep with the spirit of Christmas I knew I had to keep it all in perspective - my daughters were going to love this Advent garland. After finding 25 ornaments I fell upon 2 minature fake trees and I knew that my project was over!

So far every morning in December my girls take turns pulling an ornament from a sock and hang it up on their tree. Every morning in December they pull out an ornament and remember it from last year, sometimes a story ~ a memory ~ is remembered and shared.

Some ornaments are unique to our family and make us laugh at its significance to us. Some ornaments just have the beautiful aspect of sweet adoration to it. Some are simple, plain, and perhaps were snatched up to bring my total close to 25, but somehow have grown on us and become special in its own right as the years pass.

It's all about creating memories then sitting back and reminiscing.


Karen said...

What a wonderful idea! Well done you for taking the trouble to create something so memorable and special!

Mary Beth said...

What a lovely tradition.