Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Charming to be 13!

Kaitlin & Breana's dear friend, Julia, celebrated her 13th birthday last week. We pulled out our pearls & beads and took a moment to feast our eyes on all the open cases. Thankfully when you have a certain purpose or a special person in mind the creative process flows easily. Kaitlin designed the necklace above and I knotted the silk thread between each pearl. I hadn't knotted pearl necklaces in quite some time which made me a bit clumsy in the beginning but once I got started I got into a smooth rhythmn and the necklace was finished in no time. We made the necklace 17" so that it will sit right above a crew neck. I wanted this jewelry to be a piece that Julia could wear for years to come. I even added a bigger sterling silver ring at the clasp to help make it easier to put on.
The necklace is truly Julia ~ sweet & classic.

Breana chose beads from her own collection [she has quite the array of beads!] She made a single charm that hung from clear elastic. I suggested hemp yarn or colored yarn but Breana wanted the piece to be sweet & simple, "like Julia" she said. If you don't know Julia you were just given a solid glimpse of her by the 2 necklaces that Kaitlin & Breana made for her. For the 'clasp', I double-knotted the ends and glued them into a red bead.
The girls also wanted to add a Harajuku bag that we found the afternoon before her party. I was a bit embarrassed that I didn't know what a Harajuku Lover bag was {I was told by my 12 & 11 yr olds that everyone knows what harajuku is!} - I googled 'harajuko' and came up with the website above...how adorable! Ah, to be 13!


Nancy said...

The necklaces turned out so sweet and wonderful, good job girls and you as well Miss. I'm sure Julia will be so pleased.

Felicia said...

Very pretty :)