Thursday, December 13, 2007

No snow days here - just sick days :P

My girls & I have been under the weather the last few days. The first day we had sore throats so we were sitting up around the Christmas Tree playing games and getting some knitting done.

As years go by, and as our girls grow older, we have been able to focus on what Christmas truly means to our family ~ it's celebrating the Holiness of Christmas and acknowledging our blessings. Our gifts concentrate on creating memories and are full of sharing our love for one another with our hands & from our hearts.
That first night into the next 2 days we were miserable :( the most we could do was lay on the couch, watch movies and fall in & out of naps. We caught up on "The Hills" and "Project Runway" - it was as if the little man in our tv knew we were home! {he communicates with the man in our CD disk changer, we know he does!} ;)
Thankfully our foggy brains have cleared up this morning - the girls went to school and I can finally spend my day upright!

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